Areas of Expertise

Individual Therapy

Working with individuals has become a passion of mine and over time I have developed a niche for people who are in search of their own individuality. We look at how our past and present has affected that as well as our own expectations of the future. How we shape things and how things shape us by getting our hands dirty while carefully removing layers to get to the core of the issue. 

Family Counseling

Therapy for families include systems such as parents, couples, parents and children, etc. Topics or reasons why family therapy may be relevant: leaving home (you or children), blended families, families with young children (adjusting), families with adolescents (increasing flexibility), and others like shifting of family roles. 

Group Therapy

Coming soon! Group therapy is a cost effective way to engage with other individuals in the same setting to discuss a chosen topic, have a dialogue, and gain more insight into your own understanding of yourself. You'll have the assistance of the therapist as well as insight from others from similar or different backgrounds. 

My Approach

My focus with each client is to collaborate on the best care while also assisting to deepen their focus and understanding of themselves. I utilize a number of techniques that focus on reducing negative coping skills by increasing self-awareness. Some of those skills include thought reframing, mindfulness, understanding irritational thoughts, building better boundaries, and enhancing communication.

The clients that tend to want to work with me include (but not limited to) those who are experiencing life transitions (i.e. adulting, new relationships, or parenting for example), issues stemming from childhood, behaviors they have that are no longer serving them, fears, overwhelming anxiety or thoughts, and the black hole (aka depression).

My clients also tend to struggle with boundaries, self-esteem issues, body image/weight issues, lack of assertiveness or too much aggression, a fear a speaking up for themselves, or just plain feeling stuck.